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Seer Ashlamaz

How Massive Is Our Power

  • How Massive Is Our Power- John Chapter 1:1- Amplified

    In The beginning [before all time] was The Word (Christ/ Anointing), and The Word was with GOD and The Word was GOD Himself.

    This One text of scripture shows us a lot that we need to know in the sum of all things, and will help us to transend our own ego manipulation.

    That would be this: there is no Word that can be spoken, that is not GOD. Now of course the ego would tell a person, well what about "profane" Words, and i will refer ego to the third verse in this chapter which states, "All things were made and came in to existence through HIM; and without HIM was not even one thing made that has come into being".

    So, by us knowing that ALL things were made by HIM and get their composition from HIM, if we are to recognize GOD'S Word as being ALL Truth, we must transend the ego principles and KNOW, that the Words we consider "profane" actually are not; it's just a stereotype placed in us by the system of "the anti-anointed, anti-christ, anti-god, ego".

    This doesnot mean that we should start using Words that society has deemed "bad", but we should recognize that some of the people we attempt to minister to, use these Words, to show us, if it still bothers us, that we aren't, There, where we thought we were. You see, by using Words like that, people have been showing some of us that we aren't even close to GOD, like we may have professed. We can see this demonstrated by GOD, Who doesn't strike people dead immediately for using HIS name in vain, or even trampling all over HIS precious LOVE, which many of us have done somewhere in this NOW Moment.

    What this means is simple, if you are ministering to someone and you find yourself feeling like you're being attacked by a barage of "bad" Words, remember- verse three part "B", "and without HIM was not even one thing made that has come into being". So, in that moment, do not allow your ego to raise all your defenses, this would only cause a growth blockage. And you ministers who do prison ministry know, that some of the, what we think are foulest words, can come out of some of the sweetest people, who do not hold fast to what society says should be said. And we must also keep in mind at those moments, the people who were raised in families, where "cussing" can be a form of affection. Take for example how in the hip hop genre, it is common place for some females to call one another a "b" Word, or the males to refer to one another a "dogs".

    These expressions do not in any way mean what we were trained to think about people, in fact, society trained us to judge people by the GOD or Word coming out of their mouth. This is explanatory of how we can see people in stores using "foul" language, yet when we get outside, they're climbing up into an escalade or bentley, as i humbly yet proudly walk over to my.....

    Now this don't mean either is better than the other, but what is seen in expression is this; a person's realness with GOD and the Word, will cause manifestation of some of the things we even like, not covetously, but there are many people who like the look of a bentley or escalade or even a saturn for that matter; who can't cause the manifestation because of their blockage inside, which causes blockage or lack and sometimes even sickness on the outside (being seen in the vessel).

    What my bottom line here is this, i'm not advocating using profanity as society has labeled it, but i am advocating acceptance (LOVE) of everyone, to free yourself of any blockages, how right?

    You're walking down a street- just imagine this as a totally hypothetical situation; and you notice a guy across the street out the corner of your eye, and this guy isn't very animated, in fact he's looking up and it sort of looks like he's talking to GOD- by his gestures, so you continue on but you gently keep a little bit of an eye on him periphreally. You begin to notice the guy is following you from across the street and still looks like he's praying, talking to GOD and making subtle gestures- and this is going on now for about seven minutes. Finally you get tired of this behavior so you turn to ask him what's really going on- right; and as you turn, what do you see? Nothing. Why? Because he was trying to tell you about seven minutes ago that you forgot to set your parking brake or something and your car has rolled down a hill and down into an empty valley, where it cause no person nor property damage. Sure i'd be thankful no one or things were damaged (except the car), but my first question would be "why didn't you scream out something:, and his reply would be "i saw your clergy pass an i didn't want to offend you by saying- hey you silly !@#@%&* your #@!$%#$ car is rolling down the #@!@@!# street".

    Sure it may seem totally absurd to you, but what he could've said would've gotten my attention quicker than the subtle way he tried, which was actually his best effort to "respect" how society has trained him to talk around ministers. Why? Because he was trained that GOD is in the minister, but GOD was separate from him, which is completely false. So, be not afraid to accept (LOVE) people as they are, for it only allows for the growth of two people- yourself and them as well. Sometimes, the Massive amount of power in other peoples Words can save a life and also, sometimes the restraint of energy in Words can also take one. But we being who we are should always try to go beyond what society tells us, so we can allow GOD to touch others thru us in every earena of life, and not just the arenas in which we think are GOD, because we have to be conscious enough to know and remember- GOD doesn't live inside of the box.

    This message is to help us all grow and learn how to not even flinch, if we hear a person use "profane" Words, because, if there was not anything made that was made without GOD in it, then no Words are "profane" anyway, the profaness would thereby be found in the mind of the ego.

    And if you ever see my car rolling without me in it and i'm close by, feel free to say whatever you need to get my attention, even a cuss Word, i'll surely be thankful, now go LOVE on somebody, even if they are a cussing person, and let them see GOD LOVES them thru your oness with them and not an imaginary separateness, for We Are ALL One :)