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Seer Ashlamaz

Why was it prophesied that the christians would be persecuted in the last days

  •  This prophecy came about in times past for one reason and one reason alone. What has been taught in the U.S. (west) as christianity is nothing more than a lie to enslave. You see, there was a jesus, sure there was; in fact there were at least 26 recorded jesus' during the time of the one from Nazareth, which is why "Nazareth" is mentioned so much, when the bible speaks of the Jewish Master Teacher. In fact, the bible speaks of more than one jesus, but without being able to pull the ostrich's head out of the sand (the bible) most Americans would deny this fact, because they were even taught how to read the bible incorrectly- on purpose. Out of the 26 recorded jesus' how many were born of a virgin, all of them; how many were born in December during the winter solstice, nearly all of them; and how many cannot be validated by historical documents, only the one from Nazareth. As a matter of fact, there's a reason why no documentation can be found of this one jesus in particular, he was a sorcerer, and not only that, but he was a deceiver. Now i have nothing against "The Christ"- which actually means "Anointing", and the only reason i found this information in many places is because to much was not adding up- with the leap of faith. Why would you have to leap when serving the Most Powerful God in all existence? To leap over the TRUTH every time it comes up. Now, the reason this jesus was crucified was because he was caught studying and teaching kabalah and performing sorcery, so as it was custom in those days, he was crucified at age thirty three. But what happened to the real Messiah, is the question that helps non researchers put they head back in the sand. The real jesus- Yashua "Hamasiac" (Messiah) was a Melaninite (Black man) and the devil don't want you to know this TRUTH, because it will lead you to revelation knowledge and empowerment. Yashua Hamasiac lived to be 120 years old, just like you could, if you knew who you are. Yashua came to remind the people that The Father lives inside of us and he did his thing, but was non resistive. There was only one mention of Paul in the bible from the mouth of Yashua and you've seen it before but didn't fully understand it. It's when Yashua spoke of having another fold or fole however it's spelled sorry. Think, why did Paul never have witnessed recorded conversations with Yashua or even jesus? Because Paul was a deceiver who wanted his own congregation, he wanted to do what he saw Yashua doing, getting the masses to follow him. So what did Paul do? He joined up with the jesus crucified for sorcery and started what religion- christianity. Now all this may sound stupid until you start to think in your Spirit, why do so many christian teachers use the phrase "leap of faith?" It's because they don't know what they are teaching, they can only repeat what was taught to a certain degree. That's why Yashua said somewhere in there, "You don't even know what you're worshiping", when he was talking to that woman at the well. But you see, there's a problem, there are so many shifts in the bible from Truth to spell, from jesus to Yashua, that if you trained to read the bible, with the bible, you end up confusing your energy so much that, the only thing GOD'S Spirit can do for you, is knock you out, and you wake up wondering, why did you fall asleep in the first place. Every time you've fallen asleep reading the bible, you weren't that tired. So where does that leave us? That leaves us with a race of Black people not even knowing that they are here on earth to get others back to the SOURCE, The Father. Every color person on this planet stems from who? Adam and Adam was born where? In Egypt. ANd Egypt is where? In Africa. You see, the devil has been at work for a long time, but do you know why you will narrowly look upon him when you see him? Because the devil is a cherub. That's right, the devil is the size of an infant. And he isn't guilty of all the stuff we hear people say he made them do, because he is not omnipresent. Sure he has assistance, but not nearly as much assistance as you do, oh, you don't really get the assistance i'm speaking of, unless you believe fully. A guardian Angel and the rest of your assistance is not the same. We see people walk away from horrific accidents and they turn around and say, "it must have been a Guardian Angel." That's an insult to their Guardian Angel. That's like going to a wedding coming home and undressing and when confetti falls on the floor they'd say, "That must have come from the wedding." No it came from the ignorant party in their head. So does this leave people without a savior? Sure, Why does the Savior need a Savior? Because of the sin? Sorry, that was used for mind control, to make you think if you didn't follow the system rules you'd end up in hell. When GOD resurrected Mr. Robert Jones in my presence (i put his story in my book with his written permission) do you know what Robert saw when he was dead? He saw the preachers going to hell, because they been keeping people in bondage, and that's why the prophecy came about. When some of these people in this country find out that christianity was created to capitalize on the human energy, everybody ain't gone be able to process that info properly. In fact, any pastor who went to real college to become a pastor, knows everything i just wrote, they had to learn it deeply and then they were told not to teach it. They know that we are energy, they know that you are the manifested thoughts of GOD Most High walking on earth for a physical experience. Why do you think GOD moves on your behalf, because He love you? Who with intelligence doesn;t love themselves. Look how many christian today are even afraid to say their a son or daughter of GOD, when that's what they really are. But we were programmed, your body is just an organic machine with an organic computer brain. You aren't flash and blood, but that's the programming you received. We were programmed to believe in nothing. That's why so many people get sick and all sorts of stuff, because we were programmed to say we believe in GOD, but we're supposed to get ill- why? You don't have to ever get ill, broke, nothing you don't really want. But we were also programmed to ignore things. Like Paul revealed one thing that is so profound, "that which i won't i will and that which i will i won't oh what wretched man that i am", Paul was exposing the ego that had control of him, because he didn't want to deceive, but the congregational desire he had inside just fed that ego. Now we must use tools like the bible, but we have more Truth living on the inside of us than is in there. But again we like to stick our heads in the sand and ignore everything else. The bible isn't even the oldest recorded documentation of life on earth. And the hurtful part for me, at first, was finding out that all black people are the remnant of the people that the bible speaks of, we're the special messengers, descendants of the Most High GOD and we can't even help one another or get together without someone being jealous of another; and the saddest part, most other races know who we are and most of our people don't. Why do you think most rich blooded Africans don't like us, because they think we're ignorant over here worshiping the god of the ancestors slave masters and getting others to join; and if we but listened- GOD is inside of us talking all the time. And that's why some of them seem like they hate your guts. Please get this if you get nothing else from this, before being enlightened, i too was a follower of jesus and when i learned the Truth, from studying, i was p'd, so much so, that people used to talk to me on the phone for hours to calm me down. Because i started evolving spiritually when i got more Truth in me. i didn't just go to church when i was there i was going hardcore like some of you and when it kept not adding up, i kept taking the leap of faith, until one day, i became a man and had to put away childish things. So what is that you feel on the inside of you living, breathing, leading and all that? That's the real you, the Etheric Energy of GOD.Well, why do we run around the church when we get the ghost? Because you ain't never run out the church, like your energy been trying to get you to do for so long. Every time you've gotten healed or delivered, that was your Etheric Energy healing you, delivering you and all that. Well, who was talking to you and helped you avoid trouble all those times? That was the Divine You, your Higher Self as some call it. So what do you do now? You stop playing with you Energy and go back to your first child like love, when you believed GOD like a child. When you believed God could do literally anything, because HE can and you can too. But you have to write a new program for your mind. Our minds were conditioned to doubt GOD, not to believe on Him. You start learning and studying about your Energy and stop listening to people who'll tell you that you gotta do this to get that from GOD. The main thing you have to do to get from GOD is BE, you can get anything you want, as long as it's not for your ego to keep you in a limited box, because GOD is LIMITLESS. Why do some criminals get away with so much, because they believe they can to the core of their Being. It's not you doing anything wrong, it's the system, that's is why the limiting belief systems are crumbling rapidly. Because the Truth is bleeding thru on all scales. This is why it was said that you would do even greater things than jesus did, from jesus' own mouth, because he even knew that the day would come that you would recognize that you are little god's and really tap into the BIG GOD. But the fear that was programmed into us, must needs be done away with. Example: most christians, will take a 300 dollar tithe to a mega church and tell their neighbor, who's near eviction, i'm gone pray for you when i get to church today. Now that ain't right if we're supposed to love our neighbor as we love our selves. That 300 dollars ain't really gone help a mega church, but it'll keep my neighbor off the streets, then in actuality, we would have just really tithed in love, because our ministry is outside the church. We can still take an offering to church, because a tithe has still been given. If external bible research is done, the scales will fall from our eyes like we never knew possible. But there's still one big problem, most christians don't really believe in GOD. That's why some can be so evil, mean, hateful, backbiting, nasty natured, and act like they really praising GOD on Sunday, Wednesday and whatever other service days they have. Now if they really believed in GOD or "hell", would they carry on like that? Nope! Where is GOD when they talking about sista blank, when they sleeping with the pastor, when they stealing, when they lie just to avoid the Truth, where is their GOD then? It's their ego- easing GOD out. i have to share this, because GOD didn't bring this Truth to me for me to hide it in myself and teach contrary to The LIMITLESS. If we take the Energy we put on jesus and directed it towards The Father in Truth, we'd have 100,000,000% more peace, abundance healing and love, than we have in times past as the deceived. God didn't put us here to hide talents in the sand like slothful servants, you still cannot hide a house on a hill. When i went for pedicure today i went somewhere new, and whe i sat down the technician said, "who are YOU?" i said my name and she said "No, there's something different about you than any man i ever met." She ended up actually pulling on me with those types of questions until i started talking to her about spiritual things; she didn't even stop when i said, i'm a writer and in times past i've performed in Atlanta in a couple of places. She was tenacious until i said spiritual enlightener, and i was trying my best to keep that on chill, but the people from the east, they know something the people from the west don't, they know Energy, which means they know you even though you may not. So, believe it or not, the persecution is going to start in these churches that are lieing to folks and making life hard for them, because like i said, everybody wont process this information the same mature way. Pookie and "nem, gone want they money back, they momma money, they granny's money and all that. So, if this makes you angry, put that energy into some real research, you may not find everything i have, but i guarantee, you'll find "The Truth" and a lot of it will come to you from resources and a lot from Angels, who been waiting on you to Awaken- oh, do you even believe there are Angels, well there are, and You have more than just a few. If you believe in the full ability of the devil, how can you NOT believe in the full ability of The LIMITLESS, Most High GOD. After all, isn't he the one who was the most beautiful worshiper of The Father? Namaste`- the God in me, recognizes and bows/ salutes/ acknowledges the God in YOU P.S. This message is for the believers on The Father, that are wondering why this is going on- this system NAMASTE`