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Mike Zehmisch

Getting started.

  •   Hey all.  I actually got ordained because two of my friends wanted me to marry them.  Religion has always been a big part of my life, so I had no problem doing it. I want to start a church, and am asking for any advice that anyone can give me. 

  • Rev. Lee Petersen
    Rev. Lee Petersen IF you arenot idependently wealthy start by asking if this is what you are supposed to do.Then start agroup in a home or even outside.Get a core group of people who are dedicated to what you as a group want to do .decide on a mission ,what is God calling ...  more
    September 28, 2009
  • Apostolic Emissary Clifford Crate
    Apostolic Emissary Clifford Crate Keep in mind that starting a church is a big responsibility and God will hold you accountable for everything that is taught and preached. While He may want you to be a minister, not all are called to lead a church. So definately pray about it. Then just s...  more
    September 28, 2009