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  • We post on our profile whether we DO weddings.  I wonder how many of us preside at funerals and I am curious to know how many advertise this service and to whom.  I am planning to live a long time mind you but I also wonder sometimes about my own funeral and wonder if its considered to be too ostentatious to plan your own funeral as your final goodbye to others.  Thoughts anyone?

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    Deleted Member HELLO REV. CARY and ALL:

    There is nothing disgraceful in my book about feeling such a connection with great grandmom that you froze at the funeral. My oldest daughter did the same at her grandpop's funeral. She said she felt so cold inside as if ...  more
    June 21, 2010 - delete
  • Rev. Deborah McComb
    Rev. Deborah McComb I have never presided over a funeral.....but feel that it would be an important part of my "ministry". If ever asked I would feel it an honor. Why wouldn't you plan your own funeral if you so desire? That way the people that loved you would be allowed ...  more
    June 20, 2010
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    Deleted Member I know that people write a last will and testament and tell people whether to "pull the plug" but we don't really encourage people to tell loved ones what they would like to have at their funeral. So often we assume that is for the living but wouldn't it...  more
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  • Cary Giacomini
    Cary Giacomini I really am interested in doing funerals that is primarily why i got ordained. but i always freeze up, like at my great grandmothers funeral last year,ive been ordained for a few years, and i am a fearful discrace.
    June 20, 2010