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Brian Percival

Who says T.V. Warps your brain?

  • Lately, I've been presented with things and situations that have made me angry and that I disliked. I won't delve into the details as they're really not relevant but what is relevant is what I actually learned from a T.V. drama show. One character mentioned to another that he is really beginning to dislike him. The other character, calmly replied, "If you stop seeing the world in terms of what you like and what you dislike and saw things for what they truly are in themselves, you will find a great deal more peace in your life." I have been trying to reflect on that statement each time I felt anger or disliked something that was happening. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it went right out the door.

    Some friends of mine just returned from a Caribbean cruise that was supposed to stop in Haiti after the major earthquake and actually in between the aftershocks and subsequent earthquakes they experienced in Haiti. I say "supposed to stop" because up until the day the cruise left the Fort Lauderdale Florida port, the cruise line was up in the air if they were going to stop in Haiti or replace it with a more 'exotic and paradise' like port instead.

    Even my friends admitted that they were unsure if they wished to stop in Haiti as well. They didn't want to be seen by the native Haitians as 'just another 3,000 Americans' coming to their country on their luxury liner with balcony state rooms, 4 restaurants, movie theatres and 24 hr. buffets of food. Not including the onboard events, pools, casinos and massages. The Americans coming to the third world country to gawk and leer at the native Haitians, the rubble and destruction that just took place.

    Ultimately, the cruise ship decided to stop in Haiti and to the surprise and comfort of my friends, were greeted by happy and enthusiastic residents. My friends could not count how many people who thanked them for not ignoring them and going on to another port but were reminded of the money that the cruise ship pays the country to pull into their port, the taxes that they have to pay the country and not to mention the money that 3,000 travelers would contribute to the economy of the country.

    After I was told of their experience, I was immediately reminded again of the quote in the T.V. show. Instead of looking at what they disliked in the World (in this case Haiti), they saw things for what they truly were and were so happy that they were able to stop in Haiti and see the country and unconsciously contribute to the rebuilding of their economy. They realized they were not viewed as the wealthy Americans coming to show-off what they can do and have but how something they disliked actually provided a sense of peace within themselves and ultimately provided some aid to other people in need.

    I now constantly look for those moments that are often hidden but are always there. I hope and pray that anyone reading this finds those things as well; even in what you believe are the toughest of times and when feelings of despair enter your mind and spirit. Smile, turn on the T.V., You never know what lessons you might learn!

    God Bless,


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