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Apostolic Emissary Clifford Crate

A long absence...

  • ...filled with many lessons.

    To all my friends I say Hello! God is not the only one who loves you without condition. It has been quite a while since I have been here, but God has not kept me idle. More lessons, both joyous and sad, had to be learned by this stubborn, smart-alecky man. And it ain't easy sometimes, but praise God that He never gives up and knows just how to reach and teach us in the way the benefits us most.

    Here is something that was just revealed to me today:

    The biggest challenge God faces in todays churches is getting past man's teachings. If you really want to learn about Him, you must unlearn what man has taught you. Spend time every day reading the Bible by yourself. Be sure to find as quiet a place as you can. Then pray for Holy Spirit to guide you. Be open minded. And be ready for new meanings and new truths to be revealed. A real, loving, honest and open relationship with God can only be learned one-on-on-one. If you don't know who God is too you, or you don't know just exactly what your relationship with Him is I implore you to take time off from church and seek Him with all that you are. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Do you want the 'Peace that passes understanding'? How about joy neverending? Take time to learn your own way to talk with Him. Me? LOL My relationship with God is completely real. That is, when I talk to Him, I talk to Him just as if He is sitting right in the same room with me. We joke around, get serious, get upset at each other...all the normal things that happen between a father and his son. The same goes for Jesus, my brother, and Holy Spirit, my best buddy. Sometimes I talk with them one-on-one, and sometimes its a party of 4! But each relationship is different in context. Each has it own level of companionship and intimacy.

    So much awaits us when we learn to just shut-up and listen to God. I thought I was so ready to begin Gods work right away, but that is not part of His plan. His timing is alwyas perfect and He still wants me to wait. LOL. Waiting is an action, but a very hard action for someone like me who is used to jumping right in and tackling problems head-on.


    So how much will I be on here? Only God knows that. But I am always avaiiable for prayer or teaching. Go with God and no one can't stand in your way.