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Lisa Herek

Neighbors and Sidewalks

  • I went to Hobby Lobby today and bought a box of chalk pastels.  64 beautiful, vibrant colors.  They were on sale. 

    I had been inspired by the neighborhood kids.  I decided to use my chalks to create a sidewalk masterpiece.  So I sat down with my box of colors and a stiff paint brush (for blending), and started to create a rendition of da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"- and it was not long before the neighbors started gathering around, observing, commenting, admiring.  I invited them all to grab a piece of chalk and create with me.

    I learned alot about my neighbors tonight.  We shared a 6-pack and talked about kids, marriages, work, and God knows what else.  We laughed and swatted mosquitoes.  Four of us, who had never really exchanged words beyond passing pleasantries, bonded over 64 crumbly chalk pastels.

    I went back out to look at our collaboration a few minutes ago.  It's really beautiful. 

    You know what?  That 64-color box of chalk turned into Communion.  Don't laugh.  That's exactly what it was, if you think about it.  And if the weather permits tomorrow, we'll have "church" again!

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