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Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle

One Foot on Earth and the Other in Heaven

  • Comparing Genesis and Revelations, Alfa and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Four elements and the boundries of Earth and Heaven.

  • Rev. Sir Patrick  Shinkle
    Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle This is the right blog to discuss this subject on. It looks as though I left out one Domain. That would be Hell in all it's definitions. I feel and believe, the Thin Veil of existence is our Reality. One side is Heaven the other side Hell. Here is my...  more
    August 18, 2010
  • Rev. Sir Patrick  Shinkle
    Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle It is a metaphor for walking the Path of Faith. As we move from one place to another we have a tendency to walk and some use other methods of transportation. One foot is firmly planted on the ground, the other is not. For example, Genesis describes the...  more
    July 16, 2010