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Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle

Life After Death

  • Or should we call it life after life? There are many  views in trying to get confortable in life's transition to the hereafter. For me I was gifted by a visit from the Holy Trinity and received enlightment and direction that took six years for me to find the right path. I was very surprised when I counciled with Clergy and was informed that they accept the existence of multiple dimensions and Heaven was the ability to move among them freely. Our earthly existance is where we nurture and grow spiritually to meet the challenges of the hereafter.   Rev Sir Patrick William Shinkle

  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member True...I was hoping to trigger some feedback. The word is used to describe an abrupt end to living usually preceded by illness or injury to finalize the last exhale. Changing one's concept of what come's next after that exhale can only be described as you...  more
    November 4, 2009 - delete
  • Pastor Tyler Odell
    Pastor Tyler Odell It is also my belief that the flesh dies but the soul & spirit return to our Creator for judgment.
    The death curse does not occur until after God's judgment. And that is the second death which is final for those who reject God's Rule & Kingdom.
    Do ...  more
    November 23, 2009
  • Charles Lee, Jr
    Charles Lee, Jr Your blog reminds me, "Heaven is His Throne and the Earth is His foot stool".

    Many philosophers, mystics and spiritualists believe souls begin their journey of exploration on the "foot stool" of the Kingdom of Heaven.
    It's been said that we (sou...  more
    November 22, 2009
  • Rev. Sir Patrick  Shinkle
    Rev. Sir Patrick Shinkle When I stood there, next to my Son's casket, I gently brushed his eye brow over and over with tears running down, like they are this moment. I new he was just a shell and that all he was is living in Heaven. I knew this because of the Vision I had. I can ...  more
    December 8, 2009