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Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra

Migrant Caravan Requires solidarity and support


    Due to the massive presence of migrants from Central American countries (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala), in Mexican territory and because of the militarization of the border between Mexico and the United States, social and civic organizations of California, hean requested to the Latin-American Anglican Church, the elaboration of a project to present an emerging strategy and air bridge between Mexico and Canada, so that the government of Canada in the hands of the Honorable Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister), grant legal status to the members of the migrant caravan and to those that they do not have problems or criminality both in their countries of origin and outside their borders. Clergy and pastors who wish to join must communicate with the USA telephone number: +13232391900 or +15196942000. Also to email: primate@theanglican.net


    You can voluntarily visit the shelters within the border cities or offer your collaboration with the logistics that are needed in case the Canadian government says Yes. The Canadian government can say No, then we will send the same project and request to the governments of Australia and New Zealand. If the migrants return with their families to Central America, they can be killed and the tragedy would increase. Thank you. Greetings and blessings. Happy New Year 2019.


    Debido a la presencia masiva de migrantes de países centroamericanos (Honduras, El Salvador y Guatemala), en territorio mexicano y a la militarización de la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos, organizaciones sociales y cívicas de California, solicitaron a la Iglesia Anglicana Latino-Americana, la elaboración de un proyecto para presentar una estrategia emergente y un puente aéreo entre México y Canadá, para que el gobierno de Canadá, en manos del Honorable Justin Trudeau (Primer Ministro), otorgue estatus legal a los miembros de la Caravana migrante y para quienes no tienen problemas ni criminalidad tanto en sus países de origen como fuera de sus fronteras. El clero y los pastores que deseen unirse deben comunicarse con el número de teléfono de EE. UU.: +13232391900 ó +15196942000. Tambien pueden enviar un mensaje de texto al email: primate@theanglican.net


    Usted puede visitar voluntariamente los refugios dentro de las ciudades fronterizas u ofrecer su colaboración con la logística que se necesita en caso que el  gobierno canadiense diga Si. El gobierno canadiense puede decir No, entonces nosotros enviaremos el mismo proyecto y solicitud a los gobiernos de Australia y Nueva Zelandia. Si los migrantes regresan con sus familias a Centro America, pueden ser asesinados y aumentaria la tragedia. Gracias. Saludos y bendiciones. Feliz 2019.

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  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)  I very much hope that our Prime Minister will accept your request.  I personally feel that countries should be stepping up to the plate and offering this without having to be asked.  I also understand that doing such a thin...  more
  • Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra
    Archbishop Leonardo Marin-Saavedra Thanks blessings to you
  • Gail Dobson
    Gail Dobson The logistics of such an undertaking are incredibly complex. Aside from the travel itself, the receiving country must have in place concrete plans for housing and feeding a large group of people. Is that part going to be taken care of by the many churches...  more
  • Gary V.
    Gary V. That would be a very long distance to 'air bridge' the refugees, would it not? Very complicated situation. Better act fast before the Wall goes up!