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Rev. Michael Meakin, Abbot; The Order Of Saint Elizabeth I (OSEI)


  • Incarnate

    Once, in a barren desert, God Almighty dwelled;
    confronted by a paradox that never would be quelled;
    God made flesh, a living, breathing part of His own Creation;
    yet, separated from the realm from which came His inspiration.
    The Father's voice within His ear did echo all the while:
    "You are my Son, but You must die to men through Self-denial!"
    For forty days the plan unveiled within His troubled mind;
    that He must, as the Lamb of God, die for humankind...
    The one and only way to end the tyranny of sin...
    The perfect, living sacrifice of God's own sinless kin...
    He anguished, fasting all the time, and crying out to God:
    "Do not let this be the path that I have come to Earth to trod!"
    Even though he knew the better, Satan came to play...
    to pick... to prod... to promise Him the Earth if He would pay
    homage to him, through whom darkness entered into day...
    sin and evil the direct result of the love he once betrayed...
    "Man doth not live by bread alone," Jesus answered, bravely fighting;
    "The Word of God will strengthen me, as a storm gains strength from bolts of lightning!"
    What was Satan thinking, by offering Him the Earth?
    Did he not know the Universe, all space and time, were already Christ's by birth?
    What comfort came for Him from Heaven above?
    While here, we'll never know...
    Legions of angels ministered to Him, calling out in endless flow:
    "What difference will this death You die matter to us or You?
    "A grain of sand plucked from this desert is but one lifetime, is it not true?
    "All of God's Creation has been leading up to this:
    "That mankind be saved from sin and death and once again know bliss..."
    Resolved, determined, and now sure He would sit upon God's throne...
    The Incarnate Word walked through the desert disguised as man alone...