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Garry Sprigg

The Festival of Presence

  • The Festival of Presence

    The Festival of Presence is to honor and practice living in the Now, the present!

    This holiday is celebrated by the enlightened in spiritual understanding.


    To promote spiritual evolution


    You are Love, created by God's Love, to BE Love.

    At the center of your soul resides the Scared Heart, a location you may visit anytime

    to connect with God's Love.

    Be present, live in the Now. Quell mind talk and the pain body.

    Important points to explore: Infinity, within and without.

    Meditation is encouraged, celebrating with others is encouraged.

    Expressions of brotherly love, offering of your actions to help others,

    providing they give their acceptance.

    Judgment is the sin! Attachment is the cause of suffering.

    Shunning of structure is a priority, Gift giving is by choice yet not recommended

    because of it's commercial connections, items created with love can provide exceptions,

    such as, cooking, crafting, entertaining, etc.


    During the celebration feast the Limb of Gnosis is passed among the gathered, this allows

    each holder to express themselves while others listen. (an exercise of being present, sharing and evolving).

    A prayer is offered to give thanks to the Father for the gift of infinite supply.

    For example:

    Thank You Father

    Our Father who is innocent and pure, Holy is your name.

    Thank you Father for these gifts from your abundant and bountiful creation.

    We are grateful that you provide for all of our needs and many of our desires through the infinite supply.

    We are especially thankful that these blessings are provided with your Love,

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,



    A festive meal and merriment ensues, a celebration of life itself.


    Teachings to explore:

    Glenda Greene

    Eckhart Tolle

    Brian Greene



    Akashic records


    Four Noble Truths

    Om mani padme hum

    Gnostic Gospels

    Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

    Michael Newton (Journey of Souls)

    Quantum Physics

    String Theory


    The Festival of Presence has been inspired by modern winter holidays that are intended

    to compete with Christmas, e.g. Kwanzaa, Festivus, Bridge of Light, etc.


    This celebration occurs twice a year, December 21 and June 20, these are the dates

    for the Winter and Summer Solstice for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

    The intent of The Festival of Presence is to promote being consciousness of the now.

    Being present is believed to be the state of enlightenment and for many it is difficult to maintain.

    The development of this holiday was done with a measure of double entendre

    to give attention to an understanding of multiple awareness perspectives.


    In my spirtual belief the triune is central. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    God the Creator, the Provider, the Father.

    The Son, Yeshua (Jesus), Master, spiritual guide

    The Holy Spirit, (there is only one spirit and it exists in all things)

    The Sacred Heart is a holy location at the center of our souls.

    All mass is from adamantine particles engergized with God's Love.

    I am Love, I was created from God's Love to Be Love.




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  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Very educational. Thank you for the message.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    February 6, 2010