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Rev. Dr. Dean And Rev. Barbara Rose


  • After having studied physics, I have realized that we live in a very strange universe.

    At the subatomic level, science sees that most of the structure of an atom is empty space

    - there is tiny nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons which make up the atom with

    mostly empty space being the predominant part of each atom and this combination produces the

    illusion of solidity mainly because the tiny parts of the atom are fermions which cannot occupy

    the same space at the same time. This illusionary atomic structure makes up only 5 percent of

    the known universe and only these atoms are proven to exist by the laws of physics.

    There is a thing called dark matter which takes up 25 percent of the universe, but lies outside of

    the natural laws of physics and is thus by definition supernatural.

    There is another thing called dark energy which occupies 70 percent of the universe, but also lies outside

    of the laws of physics and is therefore also by definition supernatural.

    So we have 5 percent matter which is actually an illusion and we have 95 percent which is

    supernatural which makes for a very metaphysical looking universe. With this evidence I cannot

    understand why anyone would not believe that God must exist as the Creator of such a phenominal

    supernatural universe.