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Rev. Dr. Dean And Rev. Barbara Rose

science and God correlations

  • Einstein once said: science without  religion is lame and religion without science is blind.

    Now science has evidence that a spiritual dimension exists beyond the space-time continuum.

    Now science has proof that emotions can and do control cells in our body.

    Now science has evidence of parapsychological communication and control instantaneously (in a faster than light non-local dimension).

    Now consciousness is seen by quantum physisists as a reality which exists beyond space and time and has control within quantum physics experiments.

    Spirituality and science are coming back together in a new way that is beginning to show how matter evolves from consciousness.

    Some scientists such as Amit Goswami (quantum physisist) believe consciousness existed first then created matter.

    Biologists are seeing intelligent design as trumping Darwinian materialism as the true answer to the question of how we got here.

    Ever since my out-of-body experience in 1987, I knew my consciousness was not an epiphenominon created by my brain (matter).

    Why does intuition come much more easily at night during sleep or when a person is in a slow alpha or theta wave frequency (4-12 cycles per seconds) such as in meditation? It is because it is then that we are in more direct contact with God. The earth's electromagnetic frequency range is around 8 cycles per second. That is not a coincidence. That is a scientific fact. That intuition comes from a higher intelligence; the consciousness of God! The consciousness of God is what sustains the universe of matter as well as our own consciousness if we are in tune with it.