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Rev. Dr. Dean And Rev. Barbara Rose

being close to nature brings us closer to spirituality

  • Being close to nature:

              Walking in the woods brings us close to nature. Planting trees or planting flowers and food crops and watching them grow gives us a better sense of what creation is all about. Doing any of these things brings us closer to our original personhood that all humans had before we became so infatuated with our materialistic toys (cars, computers, televisions, etc.). The Amish people still hold onto thier old fashoned beliefs of being close to nature and they appear to me to be much more attuned to God than most city people. They have a more sacred view of nature and all that God has created for our species. It is a shame that people are so crowded into cities now because of the work they need to survive exists in the cities. That was not what God had planned for us as a species. That is why so many people ignore the fact that our polution is destroying the world.

             A recent article in the Scientific American magazine related the fact that by 2050, we all will be starving for good food and water, even right here in the USA because of overpopulation and the effect of trying to produce more food for the expected 9.5 billion people that will be on earth by 2050. It will be almost impossible to keep everyone fed at this rate and most people are unaware of this fact or just don't care because they are to busy just trying to survive, without seeing the big picture. If we all still lived the way most people did in the 19th and early 20th century living close to the land and growing our own food, we would hold the earth sacred as it should be.

             I am a spiritual person and I hold the earth sacred in my beliefs. Everything is sacred on earth and should not be wasted or exploited for profit. People have lost thier God given sacred consciousness that everyone used to have back in my grandfather's day. Destroying the land for profit is ungodly and those who do it are going to pay dearly, and they rest of us will pay too if we don't stop them. As spiritual people and especially as ministers, we all should teach the rest about our duty to save our planet and all that is in and on it. We should teach people to stop poluting the water and land and stop using products that are destroying God's greatest gift to us : the earth. Industrialized agriculture is the worst culprit on earth and it is spreading like wildfire across the planet. It must be stopped. We must return to the small local farming methods of the past in order to save our planet and our future generations. If we don't, we'll end up like the dinosaurs: a dead species. As ministers, we should be preaching the sacredness of the earth and the methods of saving it. That is our duty to God. We are God's servants and Gods will is life and the sustenance of life. We should be teaching our polititions to obey God's will to save this sacred gift befor it is too late to save it. The earth is worth more than any profits any person or corporation could make by destroying it. Global corporations are responsible for the destruction of the earth at such a fast pace that we are at a point that may be irreversable already, yet few people recognize that fact because corporations own the media and control it to thier own benifit.