Welcome to the ULC Minister's Network

Julie-Anne Buslewicz

Greetings everyone, I am introducing myself as I am new


              Hi to everyone at ULC! I am proud to be a member with such an open and diverse group. I have chosen to become ordained so that I can reach out to those who feel they don't fit in in organized religion, have been shunned for their lifestyle, or plainly are seeking spiritual guidance, marriages, civil ceremonies and for whatever reason don't find comfort in the church, yet want more than a JP to marry them. I am a 33 year old Christian who attends the Covenant Church, yet I still strongly beleive that no human being should cast judgement for that is to my understanding, undermining our Lord's Power to make the decisions of what is right and wrong. Though I have studied many religions, I have found the Covenant to be right for me, though I beleive each person has the right to chose for themselves what they feel is best for them, or true to them. I'd love to hear other peoples perspectives and beleifs. For me, I constantly learn from others, as we are all unique. I learned recently that I was not as open minded as I thought, and even the person you feel is not living according to you or your God's standards, you may wind up being pleasently surprised. Every face has a story. And I am grateful to have the chance to try to take the time to see that and learn from everyone I encounter. Looking forward to meeting you all!