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Pastor Tony Villari

Friends Along Our Path

  • (Note:  This post has taken over as the most read post of the 657 I have written since June of 2013.  As such, I felt it appropriate to see if it still finds merit with the current readership, thus my re-posting as this weekend's My Sunday Thought) 


    Friends along Our Path


    I have received several requests to reprint this piece of poetry.  I used to write poetry back in the late 1970s then abandoned the habit after accumulating a "book" of it which I believed, at the time, was much too personally insightful.  Needless to say, one morning I "accidentally" Ollie North’d the collection, shredded it, along with the past week’s Top Secret message traffic.  I've often wondered if there was a subconscious intent, those many years ago, possibly due to my personal life being in the toilet. 


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