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Pastor Tony Villari

The Reflection Staring Back

  • When you look in the mirror at the reflection staring back at you, do you like what you see? I mean, are you okay if you see the reflection of someone going to hell for who they are and what they do? Because if you like what you see, even though you know you're damned, what does this really say to you, or to others? What do you think it says to everyone around you who sees through your transparent facade? Well, not everyone. If you hang with people just like you then you're in a mutual admiration society of shallow narcissists; so, I guess you're already damned by association.  Everybody wants to be you until they are you, then the smart ones pine for who they were and bemoan they mistake they made by thinking you were something to admire by wanting what and who they never were.  Beware what you wish for; quiet humility is always better than the egocentric alternative.


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