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Pastor Tony Villari

Low Hanging Fruit

  • We tend to go through our lives picking at the easily reached low hanging fruit, while considering how to approach the richer offerings higher up. Most of us will struggle with this task our entire lives, never taking a moment to stand back and consider the moment. Our lack of consideration can affect how we go about our struggle. Some of us will fall from grace instead of holding to those higher values and ethical conduct which are of so much more importance than any lofty goal. We will die wondering what we did - and why. We find that the fruit we taste might not be as sweet as expected, and comes with a hidden price. After a while some of us will get down off the wobbly ladder and look up at the tree still heavy with fruit. We will walk back several yards to sit cross-legged while feeling the warmth of the sun on our face as we take in the whole of the tree... and breathe. Some of us will count our blessings, realizing we are happy with what we have. A few of us will ask forgiveness and seek a more constructive, enlightened, path.


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