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Pastor Tony Villari

Worshipping Artificial Intelligence?

  • Is God a human construct? We know, as of this moment, artificial intelligence (A.I.) certainly is. Perhaps, in the future, we may find some alien civilization had A.I. long before we ever dreamt of it, and they may have also come to grips with the issues concerning spirituality and God but, for now, A.I. is the brainchild of mankind. But, artificial intelligence is just that - artificial. That A.I. will, one day, surpass us in brain power is not difficult to imagine. Might it be godlike in its abilities? To a point, yes; it will be what we program it to be, as we are the creators of it. However, for us to worship that which we, ourselves, have created, would seem to diminish our own accomplishment and place us all at the mercy of a soulless entity.


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    Worshipping Artificial Intelligence?