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Pastor Tony Villari

Out of the Box and Beyond Tomorrow

  • What if the past, present, and future existed as part of the same connecting point, a "zero point," whereby they become interconnected and not independent of each other? What if, knowing this, we could, eventually, access any point in spacetime? How would this redefine our knowledge of reality? What if this knowledge brought with it the understanding that our consciousness is infinite and forever; a life of continuous rebirth and creation; knowledge of the universe accessible to all who learn to open the files? Before mankind’s narrow concept of time, was such information written into the cosmos as a record of past, present, and possibly even future events?  Some have referred to this legendary tome as the Book of Life.  Is this the "book," referred to in Genesis, which will endow us with everlasting life?


    To read the rest of My Sunday Thought for this weekend, please go to the following link:  Out of the Box and Beyond Tomorrow