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Pastor Tony Villari

To Escape From These Things

  • Personally, I feel that, for the truly righteous and worthy, there is no "escape from these things which are going to occur" as long as you have knowledge and faith that whatever is coming will, in fact, occur, you will never be able to escape your knowledge or your faith in the inevitable. If you were to "escape" you will always live under the weight of the knowledge and guilt of your own weakness, the chains of your own cowardice, in the face of evil. And, if it is God's wrath you somehow hope to escape, why would you fear punishment, deserved or not, from a loving God? Then there's just the thought that you could actually escape an omnipotent being who always knows where you are and what you're going to do before you do it.  Even for those without conscience, there will always be karma which will re-level the playing field and leave you to ask why something horrible happened to you, or why you were being punished.  For the clueless among us, I would definitely look to karma for answers to things we think happen to us for no reason.


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