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Pastor Tony Villari

The Curmudgeon - Treating People Badly

  • As you get into old age, if life has taught you anything, you get anchored into what you learned.  You become closed minded to the changes in society which create issues for the young not common back in the day. One glaring example is why the young don't save money.  Well, in the early 1980s the prime interest rate was 20%.  Before the rate tanked, at the turn of the century, it had fallen to 7-10%.  Just a few years later it had fallen to .05%.  Savings accounts don't pay any interest.  Back in the day you could put money away and watch your savings grow toward a nice retirement.  Jobs became scarce, medical care went through the roof, gas went up, yadda, yadda, yadda, and the old people stopped teaching the young how to get over the hump.  Our parents were really loud, in the day, touting that what they were doing was leaving the world better than they found it, a brighter future for their children.  Is it any wonder those parents became closed minded?  They wallow in denial of a world that is no better, and worse in some respects and in spite of their efforts, and refuse to understand why the young can't follow their sage advice which has no bearing in current reality.  


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