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Frank Villari

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  • I think that Dr. King died before he could figure out how to make people listen to him.  Oh, I think plenty of people heard him; very few people listened to him.  I don't mean to say people ignored what the heard; they just didn't listen to the message hard enough to truly understand it.  The African-American segment of society praised what they heard, and celebrated his life then, and now.  They all say they heard his words, as do many whites throughout the world.  They heard him, but they did not listen; they did not pay attention.  Who is at fault for this, the white man?  The black?  Mankind has never listened very well.  We have historically listened and not understood.


    If you'd like to read the rest of my thoughts on Dr. King, please follow the attached link:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day