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Frank Villari

Compass Points

  • I met with a new chaplain the other day.  We talked for a bit and he said he was looking to me for direction.  I just smiled, "I think your compass, Father, is much better than mine."  When the topic of one's direction comes up, I am always reminded of a man, an older Army vet, during one of my meetings, who asked for a few minutes of my time afterwards.  He sat across from me at the table when everyone else had left Sunday group, fingers laced on top of his bible.  "I'm looking to you for direction, Pastor."  I took my index finger, reached across the table, and touched the man just above the bridge of his nose.  "Use your compass," was my response.  "I don't know 'where' you are, so how can I show you the way?"  He smiled, confused by my answer, and replied, "I think my compass needs calibration."  At this I laughed and he proceeded to discover why he was, which had great bearing on where he was.  Often, when we feel lost, where we are is usually based on our denial of why we are.  Where he was turned out to be what he already knew - he's sitting across from me and rediscovering his path.


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