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Frank Villari

Controlling Inappropriate Conduct?

  • Well, the legal ramifications of even thinking of getting to know you, simply makes it not worth the effort. If you'd like to get to know me, on the other hand, feel free to foist inappropriate conduct upon me, for a change. I absolutely guarantee you I will appreciate the compliment and have no qualms in telling you no, if I find your advances unwanted, as my upbringing prohibits me from slapping you even if you grab my parts. Unless you're a psycho stalker, you probably won't have to worry about any rebuke, however, because, well... I'm a man, and men are generally tightly wound springs of sexual energy just waiting for someone to pull the trigger.  We live for this, though some of us have a hard time with control.


    If you think you can show some self-control, please feel free to read the rest of this post by following the attached link:  Controlling Inappropriate Conduct?