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Pastor Tony Villari

Abrahamic Religions - The Great Manipulation?

  • After a career in military intelligence, I'm pretty savvy as to why society doesn't need to know everything.  Some secrets and activities are best left in the purview of those who protect us.  These activities are necessary for the security of the country, mom, and apple pie.  We grudgingly have to put our trust in a fallible and oft time corrupt political system in hope that what we're paying the criminals we voted into office won't be squandered, stolen, or used against us.  We have a misplaced faith that someone is overseeing governing activities so we can catch traitors when they try to give away two-thirds of our uranium production, or go into debt borrowing money from, our mortal enemies - like China.  Treason takes many forms and crosses all political party lines, so sometimes we miss the obvious and arrive late to the party; this is why we have federal judges, special counsels, and a Supreme Court.  But, I digress... or, do I?  Hmmm...


    If you like to read the rest of My Sunday Thought on the Abrahamic religions, please follow the attached link: Abrahamic Religions - The Great Manipulation?