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Pastor Tony Villari

I Just Shake My Head... and Smile

  • Wisdom or intelligence, which would you prefer?  I know, and have known, many "intelligent" people, few of which had wisdom worth acknowledging.  Intelligence is certainly no indicator of good sense, and to find folks with both is so uncommon as to bode the question as to whether the two are, indeed, mutually exclusive.  I have reached the point in my life where intelligence with good sense has become a "Holy Grail" to be sought in others.  This quest is tempered with the sad realization it will rarely be found.  When intelligence comes into any discussion, I just shake my head... and smile.  Wisdom is usually left at the door.


    You might be putting your wisdom to the test by reading the rest of this edition of “My Sunday Thought” which can be found by following the attached link:  I Just Shake My Head... and Smile