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Pastor Tony Villari

"What's Auschwitz?" - My Response

  • For many, any mention of the Holocaust is a reason to turn the channel, mental or otherwise.  Why?  Well, many who have seen the atrocities prefer not to dwell on the horrors of our past.  A few people very close to me are part of this group, not because they don't care, but because it hurts their heart to see the photos of the women and children burned in the furnaces or buried in mass graves simply because of their faith or some Nazi "master race" perception of imperfection.  I think that, deep down inside, they know there is a possibility of it happening again.  When it comes to people who'd rather not look, I feel like the "Ghost of Christmas Future" in Dickens' A Christmas Carol, pointing an accusatory at the gravestone of Ebenezer Scrooge and silently demanding that he look at his own future, were things not to change for the better.  In my humble opinion, the fact this Sunday is "Earth Day" makes discussion of the Holocaust apropos.


    To read more of this edition of “My Sunday Thought” concerning the Holocaust, and I sincerely hope you will, please follow the attached link: "What's Auschwitz?" - My Response

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  • John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON
    John Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON As the son of a WW2 veteran, I'm happy to see that there are still some who want to keep the memory of the occurances of that dreadful time alive. It IS unfortunate that people want so badly to forget the atrocities, but also that things like Rwanda and S...  more