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Tony Villari

Got Life?

  • I went to my favorite local beachfront restaurant cum watering hole the other day, in order to find some impetus for this post.  I had a beer and pondered my latest conclusion, that my body is getting a jump on my upcoming 65th birthday and has decided to start falling apart.  I have found the meaning of life, having eluded me for six decades, comes down to wearing tropical-print shirts, eating chargrilled oysters at half price, and drinking two-dollar wells, two-dollar bottled domestic beer, and three-dollar beers on tap.  You know, "happy" hour on the Gulf Coast.  The meaning of life really wasn't all that difficult; it simply came down to being happy regardless of circumstances.


    To read the rest of this next installment of “My Sunday Thought” concerning life, please follow the attached link:  Got Life?