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Tony Villari

Money, Power, and Position?

  • Truth, loyalty, and a kind heart are virtues to be cherished!  Well, okay... sometimes I've been known to fudge, for purely selfish reasons, where truth and loyalty are concerned; I should be ashamed, and I am.  Those lapses in integrity are few and far between, but they do happen, and that's the truth.  Protecting the innocent, whether in one's personal life or the conduct of business, politics, or militarily, extracts a heavy price on those who know too much and actually care.  I's like to think I've always have a kind heart, which is difficult when confronted by the League of the Perpetually Offended and other morons in society, but I do try.  As for money, power, and position, I equate them to the ills of the world; that is to say, greed and selfishness, egotism, usury and the like.  But, then, that's just my opinion (my humble opinion on "opinions" is found several paragraphs down).


    If you’d like to have the power to be in an unpaid position to read the rest of “My Sunday Thought” for May 13, please follow the attached link:  Money, Power, and Position?