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Tony Villari

My Humble "Moronic" Opinion

  • I have unwavering faith that only a moron would believe a doctrine which states "a moron run through a university and decorated with a Ph.D. will cease thereby to be a moron."  As I have stated in a few previous posts, I have known many people with doctorates who exercise a deep lack of common sense.  Oh, they are very intelligent; they just aren't all that smart.  Smart is pretty much what you get from the "school of hard knocks."  Smart is described as a "learned application" and an "earned status."  Intelligence, on the other hand, is described as "the measurement of your ability to become smarter through learning."  Well, I don't think that last is correct.  For one thing, it seems some people believe everything they're taught simply because someone teaching them has a university degree or a teaching certificate.  So, you believe someone simply because they have a sheet of paper saying you have to believe them?  I'll bet you also believe fake news and everything you read on the internet.  Bonjour!  What happened to freethinking by considering the validity of the mindless crap flowing out of the instructor's pie hole?  Good common sense just isn't that common anymore.   


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