Welcome to the ULC Minister's Network

Tony Villari

Dear Readers, Friends and Family:

  • It has been my absolute pleasure over the past couple years to post my writings from the “Congregation for Religious Tolerance” on Facebook while, at the same time, sending my “personal” contacts a link to these postings, individually, through Facebook Messenger. Facebook, probably due to recent security issues, has instituted a new protocol which now prohibits sending more than a few messages at one time. Messaging “en masse” launches an anti-hacking program which requires me to daily redo my password and review activity. As you can imagine, when sending 250 or more individual messages, this becomes a real pain having to redo your account info a couple of times a day.

    I will be curtailing my "Messenger" posts indefinitely, which might thrill a few of you. As for the rest, I invite you to visit my blog site and “follow” me there, or continue to visit here, on Facebook. My “worldwide” readership should find no change in access, nor should those already following me on Facebook and through the blog site. I will continue to use my Facebook timeline as the format to circulate weekly “My Sunday Thought” to those who wish to partake.

    I have tried to cut back on writing, but this has proven to be for naught. I get up so early that it’s easier to write a post, which only takes about an hour, while waiting for the coffee to brew. Besides, I took such a ration of heat, particularly from my overseas readership, that I could not limit my writing to just the one Sunday posting. I might be tempted to simply throw in the towel so as to focus on the medical center chaplaincy, if it weren’t for the fact that my writings are read by someone in almost every country of the world. From the very onset of this blog most of what I wrote came from ideas and questions posted by my readers, friends, and family – nothing has changed. Without this cherished input from my valued readers, writer’s block would drop upon me like a cruel, dominating mistress.

    Again, please bookmark my blog, “The Path”, at the Congregation for Religious Tolerance, and “follow” me from there or, if you prefer, simply follow me on Facebook.  Most of my posts meet the criteria set forth for the Monastery blog, and I will continue utilize this blog if my writings seem appropriate to the readership.

    Oh, and remember: Smile, because the alternative really sucks!

    Thank you!