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Tony Villari

To Mothers on Father's Day 

  • As a father, and a grandfather, I thought it only fitting on Father's Day to pay homage to the women, the mothers, who allow us to pass on our genetic material for the express purpose of procreation.  More importantly, they have selflessly volunteered to take significant time out of their lives, at least 18 years of it, to rear our progeny so they become caring and productive members of society.  They undertake this mission knowing full well that this caring will not end when their child leaves the nest.  Like a U.S. Marine, they will be always faithful. Mothers who volunteer for this duty know that they're responsibility, caring, and love for children will never cease; they become mothers for eternity and, if they've thrown heart and soul into it, they become mother for more than just their own children.  Once a mother always a mother and it is a trait they will be hard pressed to ignore.  So, on this Father's Day, I salute all you mothers out there and offer up this post to you, and all women who consider motherhood.  Now, having stated this... 


    You have to follow the attached link to read the rest of this coming weekend’s “My Sunday Thought” concerning motherhood:  To Mothers on Father's Day