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Tony Villari

No Right Answer?

  • "Will you respect me in the morning?"   The question presupposes he respects you now, and if that respect isn't obviously clear, why in God's good name are you with him, much less thinking of doing the nasty with him?  What's your response going to be if the answer isn't what you want to hear?  His telling kneejerk answer might be, "Uh... well... uh... of course!"  Then again, he might just smile.  Unless there's no expectation of respect on your part, you should immediately walk away; otherwise, you reap what you sow and good luck with that.  Men should never have a problem respecting women they're with, and women should expect them to give it.  Men should learn how to bake cookies for them, later that evening, preferably something with chocolate in them.  Men might also consider making them breakfast the next morning because... well, why not?


    Things aren’t always what they seem.  What we see is often open to interpretation, and what we hear is often not clear.  Answers in these circumstances are always a matter of choice, of right or wrong.  Either way, we will garner enlightenment as truth wins out. 


    This post may also not be what it seems, but you won’t know until you follow the attached link:  No Right Answer?