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Tony Villari

The Dock - A Love Story

  • Life is all about experience, about winning and losing, and about how we play the game.  We fall in love and out of love.  If we're lucky, we find someone to share all of who we are and cherish what they share with us in return.


    This is just a story which came to me while standing on the dock at the Olympia Country and Golf Club in Olympia, Washington.  It sits on the shore of the Puget Sound and has a marvelous view of Mt. Rainer in the foreground.  If you ever have a chance to visit the Northwest, the views are spectacular and a terrific muse for creativity.


    The storyline is predictable; perhaps it was supposed to be.  I don’t know.  A mystery was not the point of the story if it even has a point.  Again, I don’t know.  If the story has a point, some moral, I suppose, for me, it speaks to undying love.  But, then, maybe the point is what you make it.


    To read this short tale, please follow the attached link:  The Dock - A Love Story