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Tony Villari

Godless Humanoid Robots

  • What do you think defines humanity?  When do you think a robot can be defined as a "sentient" being? Are we not, by definition, robotic organisms put together by God, with the only difference being that our parts are made up of cellular material we call flesh?  If we give a robot a lifelike, reasoning brain capable of feeling and experiencing like any other sentient being, then doesn't this define it as a lifeform?  I can't help but imagine us as being the humanoid robotic constructs, of some higher life form, which have advanced to the point of creating our own robots to serve us.  Are we simply a step in the process of developing a self-perpetuating robot civilization?


    Have an urge to read the rest of this?  I certainly hope so.  If you do, please follow the attached link: Godless Humanoid Robots



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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. I heard some of this topic the other day- Robots can NEVER attribute a soul or human quality b/c we will never be perfect. Remember when Spock beat the computer in chess many times? Nevermind, I got confused.....
  • Gary V.
    Gary V. In other words, computers have no feeling, except Hal on 2001: A Space Oddesy  <:o)
  • Gail Dobson
    Gail Dobson Interesting thoughts. I hope to get time to prepare a reasonable response, but for now I'll just 'like' :) 
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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. I guess it depends on who and how that person programs the computer.....
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