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Tony Villari


  • Aspiration was a discussion topic on the monastery site a few years back.  The introduction put forth by the discussion facilitator was this: This morning a young musician was being interviewed and she was asked, "What is your aspiration?" She replied, "To be happy."  Is it that simple?  We think we're so much better than the young, yet these young people are not jaded and beaten down by years of struggle.  Perhaps we simply forget what it is to aspire to something better.  Perhaps it really is that simple, and we lost this simplistic focus somewhere along our path.


    Are aspirations a good thing, or should we just take what life deals us? Are we a bump on a log or a tree soring toward the light? Maybe we should take a moment and consider what we truly aspire toward, and then move toward it. To read the rest of this post, please follow the attached link:  Aspiration



  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson Thank you for the comment Ralph but i do believe that you are wrong.
    I am a member of this site and you posted publicly, therefore, your comment concerns all who are members here.
    I do not turn a blind eye when people choose to disrespect others for to ...  more
  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson I am posting the other comment here because I do not hide who and what I am plus if I am wrong in what I am posting then I want to know. Perhaps some who read this will comment.
    Feb 11
  • Bishop  Ralph Vendegna S.O.S.M.A.
    Bishop Ralph Vendegna S.O.S.M.A. I don't have to explain myself to either of you. I will not tolerate your comments. Don't like it don't bother and I mean Bother commenting on anything I comment On.
  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson Ralph thank you for your comment.
    To clarify what seems to be misunderstood. I did not ask you for an explanation or do I seek one from you.
    For everything you wrote following this I see no constructive purpose, therefore, I do not consider it worthy of ...  more