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Tony Villari

All the Wrong Places

  • When I was young, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to "hook-up" with young ladies.  More times than not, and typical of young men, the brain below my belt took control of my God-given good sense, and any expectation for quality would take second-seat to the more base desires.  I thought getting married would solve this personality flaw but, instead, I became a marital statistic.  I think a good many of us, men and women, fall prey to this flaw.  So what's to be done?  How do we find a quality "life partner" that will give us a lasting, loving relationship?  Start by loving yourself, and good luck with that.


    Relationships are tough, tougher if you try it without a good dose of honesty.  I wrote down a few thoughts on the subject.  I’d like to hear yours.  To read more, please follow the attached link: All the Wrong Places 


  • Pastor Daniel
    Pastor Daniel Gary we have a medal in the U.K that is called the Victoria Cross and it is only given out very rarely for acts of extreme bravery.You should definately get one for that last post.
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  • Minister Cliff Gonzalez
    Minister Cliff Gonzalez Your lady is out there Gary, now I'm not sure if she will possess every single quality you are looking for, but she is out there
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  • Pastor Daniel
    Pastor Daniel My friend bought the perfect woman but he got fed up with inflating her and she was prone to punctures.
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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. I was rethinking about this topic today; I wish for a nice, educated woman who will spend lots of time with me, and also give me some space just the same....[then, sure enough, I will be wondering what she is up to out there in society]. There is always t...  more