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Tony Villari

All the Wrong Places - Again

  • My worst fear in life is one that many of us have: I don't want to die alone.  I used to think this meant sharing my life with someone.  How selfish is that, sharing my life?  And what of the other person sharing theirs?  Because of this attitude, I have come to terms with the other reason why my marriage failed.  I find it difficult to live with someone else, especially if they constantly want to be somewhere else, anywhere else, but not with me.  You're either with me or you're against me.  I'm a bit selfish in this.  I'd like to be able to turn my back on you without getting a knife between the shoulder blades.  I want my stuff, I want my space, and I want that space organized.  Yes, I am a bit anal as well.  


    Is it really necessary to find a “special” someone, in order to find happiness?  In this follow-on to my previous post, “All the Wrong Places,” I continue my humble line of thought and, again, I hope you will share your constructive thoughts, as well.  To continue reading this second offering, please follow the attached link: All the Wrong Places - Again



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  • HOLLY  G
    HOLLY G You have become comfortable in your own skin. 
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  • Gail Dobson
    Gail Dobson Reading this I was going eh, comme ci, comme ça. Then I reached this line: "if you aren't happy in your life alone, how are you going to be happy in someone else's...". So perfect! So true. You can't need someone else to make you complete. You must do tha...  more
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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. Long article, still reading.... Wanted to note before I forget: there is a movie out called "Never Die Alone." One thing to say is that is true, just think of dying all by yourself! Scary thought.....
    Mar 14
  • Gary V.
    Gary V. Okay, finished. Oops, you wrote about not physically dying alone, ok. I would like to add what popped in my brain when I finished reading: Money came to mind. In most of my 'relationships' she either smoked, had constant car trouble, or was always sick! G...  more
    Mar 14