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Tony Villari

Je Ne Sais Quoi

  • Describe God.  A simple two-word request?  Can you describe God adequately?  Is God really male, or is God both genders?  God knew Adam required a wife, so did God also have a wife, as some evidence would have us believe?  Is God omnipotent or impotent?  Take a moment and describe God, without question.  Can you do it, for yourself, without utilizing the thoughts of your priest, pastor, or scripture?  Can you describe your God, in your own words, to your own satisfaction?  If you're honest, probably not.  If you're honest, you might have the proviso that faith plays a big part in any definition of the Almighty.  You might even qualify your definition by simply stating God has that certain "je ne sais quoi," a pleasant quality that is hard to describe; something that cannot be adequately described or expressed; or, if you prefer the French translation, "I do not know what."


    Have you felt a bit of that?  If not, I invite you to read my latest nonsense by following the attached link: Je Ne Sais Quoi




  • Gary V.
    Gary V. I will read this, but wow, I was going to write a similar blog.... To me, God is the Great Fixer, Protector, connector. Man can be brilliant, but; man cannot stop bad things happening, like a break up from a relationship: we can get so down and out- no ma...  more
  • Gary V.
    Gary V. Done. Don't know how to pronounce it but Googled Je Ne Sais Quoi. I do know what I have learned on this journey...many things, many evils, many manies. The Buddhist chant "nam myoho renge kyo." I think God is universal, so he / she / it is all t...  more