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Tony Villari

Life Becomes Easier

  • Many of us have experienced wanting "the apology you never got."  We tend to let it go because the offense wasn't really worth dwelling over.  Often times, not getting an apology was everything we expected from the person owing us one, and it speaks volumes about who they are.  All we should do is simply shake our heads and move on.  But, for a few of us, the offense was life-shattering.  This experience we suffer is perpetrated by a person who goes out of their way to destroy everything you hold dear, to turn your life inside out, and then just walk away as they've completed what they set out to do.  No apology was given, and none was really ever expected.  This is who they are and you are left to wonder what you ever saw in them and why you ever loved them.  They left you with nothing but a pit of misery to wallow in and abject hatred for them.  Hey, but that's life, right?


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  • Larry Makinson
    Larry Makinson Good Afternoon on this wonderful and glorious day. :) May peace be with you.
    Apr 11
  • Gary V.
    Gary V. Good one. I swear we are on some wavelength together.... I worked with this lady who was very mean to me. I heard later she died of cancer or something. I thought, 'maybe that was why she was a meany!' She was not all that bad of a person as I recall, but...  more