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Tony Villari

State of Grace

  • I like to think of "grace" in other than Christian, or theological, terms.  What if the universe simply imparts individual virtue to those who open their minds to the possibility of it?  What if "divine grace" is simply a universal force which makes each of us strive to be more than we are; more virtuous, excellent, and graceful than we might otherwise be?  What if we leave theology out of the equation and just do in our lives that which is right and virtuous, simply because it is right and virtuous?  We all know what right and virtuous is, so why don't we exercise it in our lives?  Maybe we do.  Maybe it isn't as difficult as clergy would make it seem.


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  • Gary V.
    Gary V. This was a tough one for me to comment on.... All i can think about is a gentle voice inside me explaining to me..."if I just cry myself to sleep, tomorrow will be a better day." It's when i leave my home, into the city or town, even up to the s...  more
    Jun 10