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Rev. Scott Bounds

Looking for a Wiccan HP to perform Handfasting

  •  I have been contacted by some folks who are looking for a Wiccan High Priestess in the Northwest Arkansas area to perform a traditional Hand Fasting.  If you are interested, please contact me and I can give you their info.

  • Rev HP Tyler Hutchinson
    Rev HP Tyler Hutchinson I would try witchvox, I'm a High Priest, but I'm in Northern Utah, lol, I'm of no help other than pointing you towards another possible path.
    October 29, 2009
  • Rev HP Tyler Hutchinson
    Rev HP Tyler Hutchinson www.witchvox.com
    October 29, 2009
  • Rev. Scott Bounds
    Rev. Scott Bounds Thanks anyway! I appreciate your advice. I haven't put anything on witchvox yet. I don't know why, should have been one of the first places. Thanks again!
    October 30, 2009