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Christl Buskohl

Spirit Guides

  • Sometimes we have a sense that someone is near, offering comfort or support just when we need it, even though there is no one visibly around. We may be having difficulty making an important decision when we are given a "sign." Something catches our attention, a message in graffiti or a song on the radio, and we feel guided in making the right choice.

    Our spirit guides are waiting in the wings to offer their assistance whenever we need it. Different from angels who watch over and protect us, spirit guides are just as their names imply, beings that guide us on our spiritual path. Often, they have lived earthly lives and are now able to share their wisdom and spiritual knowledge from another realm.

    Spirit guides come in many forms. The "imaginary" friends that children so often have, may indeed be spirit guides. They are the ever constant playmate, always there to keep a child company, especially when they are lonely, scared, or mad at the world. We have only to open ourselves to their presence as children do and they will offer their support. In Native American teachings, spirit guides in the form of spirit animals choose a child and the tribe teaches the child how to pay attention.

    We can invite our spirit guides into our lives through meditation or simply by asking and being more spiritually aware. Yet, guides rarely inject themselves into our lives without being asked, though they will try to get our attention, at times, especially when we are in need. Sometimes if the guide is someone we were close to, they'll surround us with the scent of their favorite perfume, or a spice they often cooked with. Sounds are also often used to get our attention, chimes or a familiar tune will run through our mind. When we listen, our guides have much to tell us. They are here to help us learn, guiding us so that we too can grow in spirit as they have. For we too, may one day be spirit guides ourselves.