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Patriarch ISAAC

Time of Light

  • I must admit that procrastination has kept me from actually completing this months discussion on time. I knew 3 days before the beginning of February what I intended to write but as the time drew near I couldn't find the words. The joys of the month overwhelmed me, as they should. We focus all of our time on November through January that many of us miss the true magic of February. Not because of Valentine's Day, but because of what the month is to truly symbolize. The first day of the month is known to the Pagan Community as Imbolc while the second is known as Candlemas to the Christians. It is amazing how both have different names and on two different days side by side but have the same meaning, Renewal of Light.

    You see, with Imbolc it is about the rebirth of the Sun (Son). The Earth is starting to come back to life from the cold darkness that winter has brought. Life as we know it begins to be refilled with hope that longer and warmer days are just around the corner. Imbolc is about getting things ready for the year to come. Not just physically but Spiritually as well. We recognize that we aren't alone anymore and trapped in our homes surrounded by snow. The hibernation has come to an end and we must think of our fellow brothers and sisters. Candlemas is much of the same. It is the "Feast of our Lord" as a reminder that the Light has come and darkness is fading away.

    There are two songs that immediate come to mind whenever I think of both holidays. The first one is because of a simple line from the song, "Hallelujah light has come". The other which I find more fitting for this time of year, our Festival of Radiant Light, is the song "Light a Candle" by Avalon. The chorus of the song rings true about every aspect this great feast for us.

    Light a CandleLight the darkLight the WorldLight a heart or twoLight a candle for me,I'll light a candle for you.

    We should spend this time turning towards the needs of one another. February through history has a name associated with it's full moon, storm moon. This month was known as a time of hardships for everyone. People struggle with not only catching up on their debts from the Christmas cheer but their depression as well. As one winter storm after another pounds away leaving people to believe that spring isn't going to happen, we look for hope. We long for something from one another in the communities to help us survive.

    I believe that all of us should allow the cupids to aim for our hearts and fire away their arrows of love. Once struck, it will allow us to see the love for our fellow humanity and light a candle in their name for their hardships. This in time will only come back around to us. We should remember that we aren't alone in our struggles and that the renewal of light has already happened and Spring is just around the corner for us all. What we need to do is be the crutch for our friends and family now and then in the Spring watch everything blossom together for a life time of not only renewed but, in some cases, new found love and friends. So I ask you to light a candle for me and I'll light a candle for you.

    Yours in Ever-loving Faith,

    Abp. Isaac L. Kramer

    Holy Order of St. Raphael Interfaith