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Rev. Paul D. Ragsdale Jr

My Story


    I drove a Semi Truck close to 11 yrs before retiring off the road. But back about 5 or 6 years ago I was in Boston, MA taking a load going to California. I walked into the truck stop after weighing my load and headed to the lounge area where the driver showers and restrooms are.
    In a booth was this fat man about 300 – 350 lbs with a huge wooden cross around his neck. I chuckled to myself and thought what a goof, this cross was about 9 inches across and at least 1 ½ ft. long. I washed my hands and headed back out to the truck and got another chuckle as I got a better glimpse of him.
    Off I go into the sunset, I stopped at a few truck stops on the way through and this same fat man with his wooden cross around his neck was sitting in a booth. It didn’t really hit me until later when I was seeing him in every truck stop on my way to California; it no longer was funny as it was weird.
    A total of 3 days I seen the Fat man with the cross as I parked my truck for the night in Barstow, CA I ran into the fat man once again, as I went back to take a well needed shower there he is squeezed into a booth near the drivers area. As I passed him this time I quipped “Are You Following Me?” he said you never know.
    I thought about it while I was taking my shower and shaving as I finished heading back out to the truck and he was still squeezed into his booth, I approached him and I said I have seen you everywhere I stopped for fuel, eats and shower, he said he wasn’t going anywhere for awhile pointing out to his old beat up car out the window “I blew out a tire” he said.
    A chill came over me like I have never felt before, I told him I needed to call my wife and I would be back in a few, “I’m not going anywhere soon” he said. I went outside and quickly got the size off the car I asked my wife to three way me into the local tire shop / tow truck I asked about a tire including size he said 135.00 If we come out to mount it. I paid by credit card and as I went back to where the fat man was sitting I told him that a tow truck would be bringing a tire and mounting it for him, but I had to drop my load in the trailer lot and head down to Yuma, AZ and pick up a load and I left
    The next day a message came over the Quall Comm.
    (On board messaging device for texting our dispatchers) Thank you for helping me in my time of need you surely will receive many blessings...
    I asked my dispatcher what the name was and if they left a phone number, The dispatcher said he did not, He quickly explained what I had done to my dispatcher and he sent the message as he left it.
    I often think about the Wooden Cross fat man and how my life has changed Paying off my property and home, and many other blessings, I believe that it was my test of the good in my heart and my compassions. I never have seen him again on my finishing years driving the Big Truck but I assure you It keeps me on my toes….
  • Celtic Priest Jay Constantine
    Celtic Priest Jay Constantine Paul, that was truly an amazing event! I truly believe we are tested many times in our existence as to how pure our power of love and giving away ourselves really is. The universe rewards us with many things when we look to help another without a thought ...  more
    November 17, 2009
  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Great story Rev Paul. I is all a matter of listening and heeding when calls are made.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 16, 2009
  • Rev. Paul D. Ragsdale Jr
    Rev. Paul D. Ragsdale Jr That was my point Michael the hairs up on my neck as I left for Yuma, AZ a feeling of satisfaction.
    and that to Jeff, Listening with your heart showing compassion for your fellow man, I never recieved a credit to my bank account so he had to be real, I...  more
    November 17, 2009
  • Rev J.M. Chance
    Rev J.M. Chance It warms my heart to hear acts of love and kindness. Bless You for sharing your story. That is uplifting to the spirit that makes us human.  
    November 18, 2009