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Tina Bradley

Independence ?

  • Happy Independence Day!

    I wonder how many of us are actual 'free'?

    Free from the burdens of everyday life.  One of the biggest devourers of my freedom is my family.  Yet this is what the Scriptures tell us we are called to do.  Between caring for elderly parents and moving along the path of launching my daughter into the world there is precious little time for me.  Yet I wonder, if I had that freedom what would I do with it?  I'm sure that I would yearn to see my folks just one more time, and I know that the day is fastly approaching when my daughter will move on fully with her life, and I will be little more than an after-thought.  So I tell myself to relish each and every moment, even though these relationships have, and continue to do so, steal my freedom.  Yet, ultimately this service is a freedom to love and be loved, to serve, and at some point it will be my turn to need service, and of course the ever illusive gratitude that I wait to manifest itself.

    I'm not perfect.  God ain't finished with me yet.  But perhaps today I can remember that I am truely blessed to have these responsibilities and service opportunities in my life.  And, oh yeah, by the way - I know that I'm loved!