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Timothy Chase

Being who you really are

  • Over the years I have seen alot of people making judgements about others.  Pointing the finger, never realizing how wrong this concept can be.  We are all children of the Goddess, thus we need to accept others for being different in their own way.  No matter what your faith is, we all must have a higher power to call upon in times of need.  However we should also give thanks for what we have received as well.  Too many people live their lives the way they feel others would approve rather than being all one can possibly be and living to make us happy first.  I was raised traditionally pagan, home schooled for many years by my grandmother, and taught to accept the special qualities which others bring to our lives.  I still live my life as a pagan, as well as an open homosexual.  It is I who makes the choices in my life for which I accept the responsibility for each and every one.  This is something we all must do.  Life is a series of choices and we must take responsibility for those choices.  It is far too easy to blame others for what happens in our lives.  We are all connected in life, and our choices effect those around us.

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  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin If people would pay attention to themselves, instead of trying to force their views on others, we would all be far better off. Nice Blog.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    November 17, 2009