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  •  "Each man has ... all the wisdom and power of the world in Himself; he possesses one kind of knowledge as much as another, And he who does not find that which is in him cannot truly say That he does not possess it, but only that he was not capable of  Successfully seeking for it, Paracelsus

    Found these things to be true at a young age I had unlocked many secrets
    within my self all thought I could not participate in school and had a hard time
    comprehending the thing that they taught me. In school I had know problem
    learning them at home teaching my self the only problem that I found was that I
    didn’t not learn to follow a structure I was all over the place unable to grasp the
    direction or the system of a thing, always understanding it, but with no discipline
    of the scheme of nature or the basis of the supposed universality of life.  I
    grasped that everything lives, and that the Life of things was threefold. I
    recognized the Manifestation of life in the form, or body, of a thing, in its soul,
    And in its spirit. Things might differ much in appearance, in size, Taste, smell,
    and other outward properties, and yet be intimately Related, they were produced
    from the same principles, they were animated by the same soul. Things might
    Resemble one another closely in their outward properties and yet Differ widely in
    essential features, they were formed from different elements in their Spiritual
    properties they were unlike. I have learned that the True transformation of one
    thing into another could be effected only by spiritual means acting on the spirit of
    the thing, because the transmutation consisted essentially in raising the
    substance to the highest perfection whereof it was capable; the result of this
    spiritual action might become for the expression of human emotions And desires,
    not only for the explanation of the facts it observed, But also for the bare recital
    of these facts apparent in the material form of the substance to discover the
    natural position, or condition, of each substance; and the discovery was to be
    made by interpreting the facts brought to light by observation and experiment for
    the mind interprets and corrects the knowledge gained by The senses by the
    touchstone of generalizations which have been Supplied, partly by the emotions,
    and partly by extra-human authority, And accepted as necessarily true, it easier
    to evolve into scheme of things from a superficial glance at themselves and their
    surroundings. naturally one would adopted the easier plan. I have always
    regarded two facts as most interesting and instructive:

    That the doctrines of  essential unity of all things, and the Simplicity of natural
    order, was accepted for centuries by many. One may say, by most men, as
    undoubtedly a true presentation of The divine scheme of things; is the
     admirable example of the Change from a theory formed by looking inwards, and
    then projected on to external facts, to a theory formed by studying facts, and
    then Thinking about them.


    Death must come before Resurrection "man can restore That which man has
    destroyed," to use the allegory of Paracelsus, they are like young lions which are
    born dead, and are brought to life by the roaring of their parents: if we make a
    Sufficiently loud noise, if we use the proper means, we shall bring life into what
    seems to be dead material. As it is the roaring of the parents of the young lions
     alone can cause the still-born cubs to live. So it is only by the spiritual agency of
    life, to be jolted by load rejoice you cannot  go silently into the future you must
    pronounce it to everyone so that they might help you along your way. You must
    use the force of parentage, learning, guidance,  nurturing and communion to
    exalt your self to the next level of understanding. Use the elements of your past
    to navigate you from harms way you will recognized the negative behavior and
    patterns. You must circumvent thru life using what you have gathered as the
    tools . 

    So that the prisoner should be Set free, the walls of the prison had to be
    removed; the freeing of the prisoner destroyed the prison "To climb steep hills
    requires slow pace at first."

    However great and astonishing this may be true. the changes in the Properties of
    the thought which mutually react with life need to be addresses for there is no
    change In the total quality of life  measured against quantities of substances it is
    by the one practical method, namely, by weighing the odds. This is the only road
    along Which you can  advance towards a genuine knowledge of 
    Change. baylen clarke
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